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Lori Michaels Biography
Blue Line

Biography ::

When singer/songwriter Lori Michaels visits family in Sevierville, TN they ask her why she wears so much black.

The Lilac Testament is Lori's debut album. She wrote all the songs. She wanted to play all the instruments, but then former Wings drummer Steve Holley reminded her that she didn't play drums and offered to step in. The project was quickly completed when she gratefully let it go and the amazing cast of characters: Jon DeRosa (Aarktica/Pale Horse and Rider) on guitar, Ernest Adzentoivich (Flare/Plexus) on bass, and Gerald Menke on pedal steel and dobro did what they do best.

Lori puts girls at ease and makes boys nervous.
Dashed Line

Living in NYC ::

Born with the soul of a New Yorker, raised in Detroit, rooted in the spirit of the Smoky Mountains Lori calls New York City home. She lives there in a shoe with her dog and her piano.

She can count cards.

For her first record Lori traveled to the far reaches of our galaxy to find someone she trusted with her material, and found producer Charles Newman on a distant planet working on the latest Magnetic Fields CD. She begged him to take her home and make a record. He did.

Lori didn't mean to make a country album, but apparently DNA comes out no matter what you do. Classically trained and raised a good Baptist, she has spent the last 8 years living in NYC forgetting everything she ever learned. Lori listens incessantly to Elvis Costello, the Beatles, Charlie Rich and Mike Viola fiercely believing that the louder you play these artists the world becomes a better place proportionally.

It's okay to think she looks hot playing ukelele. We all think that.
Dashed Line

The Band ::

Ms. Michaels is lucky, lucky, lucky to have a fantastic group of guys who make up her live band, and incidentally have been known to paralyze rooms full of women with just their charisma. Really. You should check it out.

They are:
Hayden Yates: Bass/Keyboards/Vocals
Kent Lewis: Guitar/Vocals
Casey Tuck: Drums
Gerald Menke: Pedal Steel/Dobro

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